Romance - Belgian Raw Chocolate

Ethically Sourced

Romance Chocolate is ethically sourced, plant-based chocolate made from organic cocoa. We guarantee that the entire process from bean to bar was carried out with the highest regard for the local farmers and the earth’s natural resources. Nothing that might disrupt a healthy intake of pure ingredients was added to or taken away from this product. Romance Chocolate is 100% organic and 100% plant-based. We use coconut nectar as a sweetener and low temperature roasting to give the flavour of the beans time to fully awaken. 

Ethically Sourced

Heavenly delight

Its taste is designed to have you engage in a moment of heavenly delight, so rest assured that honesty is an essential component of this product. The fact that we produce small batches allows us to closely monitor the quality of our chocolate and hand-wrap every individual bar in cocoa paper with a tremendous amount of care. We do all of this in Belgium, because that’s where the love for chocolate is at its purest. And it’s also where we’re from.

heavenly delight

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